X-ray optics and micro fabrication
X線リソグラフィを用いた超微細加工技術 / LIGA high-precision structures

X-ray grating structures for Talbot interferometer

X線複合屈折レンズ,CRL (2次元集光タイプ)
Compound refractive lens for X-ray 2D focusing


ドイツのカールスルーエ技術研究所/工科大学(KIT)とスピンオフ企業のMicroworks GmbHは,金属とポリマーの微細構造体を高精度,高アスペクト比で製造します。高深度X線リソグラフィと電鋳(めっき)による超微細加工技術はLIGAプロセスと呼ばれ,X線光学(X線レンズ,X線回折格子),宇宙物理,医療機器,非破壊検査にて応用されている他,製造業向けの精密部品としても使用されています。

KIT/IMT and Microworks GmbH are two of the world's top authorities in the fabrication of high aspect ratio polymer and metal structures using deep X-ray lithography and electroplating techniques. These techniques, called LIGA Process, are applied in X-ray optics, astrophysics, medical instrumentation, and non-destructive testing. LIGA Process is also employed to manufacture micro metal gears and high aspect ratio apertures for optical applications.

発表事例 / Publication list

アパーチャ,コリメータ等 (X線天文分野) / Apertures, collimators for X-ray astrophysics [microworks GmbH]

The Micro Solar Flare Apparutus (MiSolFA) Instrument Concept, Erica Lastufka et al., Advances in Space Research, Volume 66, Issue 1, 2020
「宇宙X線観測用SOIピクセル検出器内部における電荷雲形状の測定」,児嶌優一,平賀純子,鶴剛 20p-B301-3, The 65th JSAP Spring Meeting, 2018 (応用物理学会,2018年春)
Subpixel response of SOI pixel sensor for X-ray astronomy with pinned depleted diode: first result from mesh experiment. K Kayama et al., The 9th International Workshop on Semiconductor Pixel Detectors for Particles and Imaging (PIXEL 2018)
「メッシュ実験による次世代X線天文用SOIピクセル検出器のサブピクセル性能の研究」,佳山一帆 京都大学大学院 修士論文 2020年3月

X線回折格子(タルボ干渉計) / X-ray gratings for Talbot interferometry [microworks GmbH, KIT/IMT]

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Sub-arcsecond to micro-arcsecond resolution X-ray imaging of SMBH with a novel method MIXIM, Kiyoshi Hayashida et al., AGN Jet Workshop, 2020

X線レンズ(複合屈折レンズ,CRL) / X-ray compound refractive lenses [KIT/IMT]

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